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Large exposure of detail of wedding of palace of Liang Chaowei, Liu Jialing
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Large exposure of detail of wedding of palace of bridge Liu Bhutan

Liang Chaowei, Liu Jialing ends love long-distance race 20 years, 21 days are in eventually yurt of the white on the meadow before the Bhutan UmaParo hotel on 2300 meters held height above sea level royal wedding, enter the another phase of life.

When " marry march " since the noise, jia Ling is wearing country of tradition of royal family of bright red lubricious Bhutan to take, pulling Wei young to enter the arena with their the most dazzling life, everybody of attend a ceremony is counted together " 1, 2, 3 " hind cry greatly " hundred years close very much, always written guarantee homocentric " , immediately explodes a hurrah.

Outside the mother that divides bridegroom, bride, guest includes Wang Fei a 4 100 stars such as mouth, Lin Qingxia, Zhang Qingfang, Zhang Zhen, Sun Yunyun, Zhong Zhentao assist in all a grand occasion, outdoors act of the table of a white, umbrella, flowers, add all around hang full 5 kinds of banner, elegance is romantic grave, the Wei young of religiosity buddhism and Jia Ling still have good fortune of pray of classics of 20 Lama Song.

Allegedly wedding still is contained " be born early expensive child " blessing, jia Ling passes an age before father, her Jing becomes aware instantly does not do a lot of things to be able to be missed, do not think the mother is regretful more, the end of the year was in the home to carry marriage to Wei young mouth last year, two people decide to get married this year. Wei young ever said to want to give birth to a child, latter Jia Ling is passed body of take good care of sb, hit oviposit needle, preparation is born early expensive child.

Bridal cookbook

Garrulous of ● marriage firework

Li Yan sees into beautiful Tong Ren the person loves

The young daughter Zhong Yi of big daughter Tong Tong of Wang Fei and Zhong Zhentao was that day bridal flower child, and go up the member that the young daughter Li Yan of the daughter of hill poem natrium and Wang Fei also is beautiful female group. Disclose according to attending the relatives and friends of marriage banquet, li Yan of two years old grows lovelily clever, eye round circle, nose is not tall, and after passing an operation for many times, li Yan's harelip is correctional already, become flowing. That evening her it may be said is the focus in flower daughter, collect myriad is favorite at a suit, not only get parents often is held in the arms by turns, with respect to the guest that connect guest Yi Zheng amuses her to play, to take care of her, the Wang Fei that becomes mother is drop wine was not touched more. Lovely Li Yan more do " please " gesticulation, aunt of congratulate Liu Jia Ling, so funny that new a form of address for one's wife is radiant with joy.
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