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Huang Jiao of Xu static bud inside year or will get married
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At the beginning of April, the reporter is in know from personage of some know the inside story, after Xu Jinglei and Huang Jiao go vacationing with Argentine sweetness in south Africa, will a few days ago one of these day early morning arrives at Beijing, the reporter drove the airport to expect at 7 o'clock that day. About 8 when the left and right sides, xu Jinglei's figure appears in international to export above all, her dress is simple, wearing a pair of sunglasses, pulling travelling bag, pace is incompact not slow. Subsequently, huang Jiao also went, it is to be afraid of probably be identified, two people pull open a paragraph of distance intentionally. Walk out of airport building, two people stand shoulder to shoulderly together to wait for a car. After 40 minutes, xu Jinglei and Huang Jiao arrived learned garden. In December 2007, the reporter pats Huang Jiao to be full of softhearted ground to send the one act that Xu Jinglei goes out here just about, exposure the amour of two people.

In rich guest of Xu Jinglei, she recorded the brigade of this different region: Seized the opportunity to arrive at Yaohanneisibao on March 26, arrived on March 27 sun city, will open general honest on March 30, flew to Argentine capital again on April 3, arrived at Beijing at 7 o'clock in the morning on April 7, the wonderful and cheerful mood in the working travel that Xu Jinglei recorded him to be as long as in this 10 days with character and picture. The guest is opposite the rich of Dan Xujing bud to do not say a single word with the Huang Jiao of her person of the same trade however, when she visits different region scene actually ground of Huang Jiaozheng always together is accompanying her. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, xu Jinglei and Huang Jiao have the plan that heads for abroad to go vacationing together early, but do not meet right time all the time, this Xu Jinglei is to go originally the issue that Argentina handles a few jobs to go up, huang Jiaogang of as it happens just took new show, because this decision is carried,go abroad.

Act according to " last wish " marry inside year?

Occupy personage of know the inside story to disclose to the reporter, the emotional relation of Xu Jinglei and Huang Jiao has entered the phase that talks about marriage talking to marry, both sides also had seen each other parent, two people are registered very likely this year marry, and this also is Xu Jinglei dies of the grandma " last wish " .

But the reporter affirms to bilateral party, whether does gotten answer all admit. Xuan of Xu Jinglei agent Liu says: "How don't I know, be who is joking? " when the reporter seeks the relationship of card Xu Jinglei and Huang Jiao to her again, the other side expresses: "I do not know these things really, these are her private affairs. " subsequently, the reporter contacted Huang Jiao. Huang Jiao hears him will " big marriage " message, gave out quickly the answer: "It is a bullshit completely! " the concern that the reporter asks him to talk about as static as Xu bud, huang Jiao still is incompact not slow but very firm ground says: "Do not talk. " but subsequently he expresses: "Media takes the job that is your media, you have the right of observation, but the right that I also have reservation. But the right that I also have reservation..
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