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Xie Yiqian films big abdomen is illuminated first humanness mother is very nervo
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The graph is the cover that the magazine films to illuminate for Tian Liang and Xie Yiqian.

Holding wedding after 4 months, xie Yiqian experts to conceive pregnant fact publicly eventually, it is " LADY style " the magazine filmed big abdomen is illuminated as magazine cover.

" LADY style " the magazine filmed for Xie Yiqian and Tian Liang a few days ago one combination shadow, regard a magazine as the cover April its according to. The reporter took a picture solely yesterday. The Xie Yiqian that avoids to reply all the time to whether be pregnant before this, expert this filmed half naked big abdomen is illuminated.

On the photograph, xie Yiqian the upper part of the body wears a gules silk to wipe a bosom character only, left hand helps a waist up, the right hand is built go up in ridgy abdomen. The cropland that standing to laugh one face is aglitter beside is bright.

When accepting magazine reporter to interview, two people also were responded to formally first be pregnant be related. Tian Liang discloses, did not plan to want a child originally so, but arrived when the elder sister's child was born 2006, the feeling is completely different.

"That day, I am waiting for the nephew's advent in the hospital, feel oneself become an elder member of family from a child at a draught, this kind of feeling is very magical. That daystart, I have one to plant to the child yearning, it is much better to feel to have oneself child! " Tian Liang says.

Tian Liang still discloses, oneself ever had thought secretly, feeling is a girl very pretty good, although parents hope more,be the boy, "What I like a girl is gentle and quiet with beauty " . But he feels now, boy girl is good, it is good to want child health only. Hope little baby comes healthily very smoothly to this world.

Xie Yiqian expresses, tian Liang is special respect course of study to follow father attentively again: "Remember once, ascended on the newspaper pat the Eight Diagrams that we carry infantile bed secretly, we bought the idea of the bed to be done not have in those days. Result the following day in the morning, after eating breakfast, I cannot find him. When with great difficulty discovers him in upstairs in the home darling room later, he is holding infantile bed in particularly serious ground. He is holding infantile bed in particularly serious ground..

Xie Yiqian says, tian Liang is met now and oneself read a few books about darling together, also meet it concentrate one's efforts goes studying which hospital is better to mom and child that concentrate one's efforts goes studying which hospital, still begin to ask about darling to eat what powdered milk to the friend that has the child, the make water that uses what brand is not wet.
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