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Wang Zhiwen showed marriage end in April lone
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Wang Zhiwen should marry, confessional all the time " longing has a home " Wang Zhiwen found that eventually " she " , the hotel of class of some 5 stars that will be in area of Shanghai rainbow bridge at the beginning of next month certainly places alcoholic drink. Elder brother Wang Zhigang of Wang Zhiwen was yesterday in the phone affirmed to the reporter Wang Zhiwen has registered the information that marry, the reporter still understands from good friend place of Wang Zhiwen, this " accurate wife " be in love with Wang Zhiwen time is not long, also be " shine marriage " , the woman's temperament is very free from vulgarity, cultured nevertheless, although the age has difference, but two people are suit very.

Explode makings: Wang Zhiwen got married in April

With " pass a strong interest " one artillery piece has his moment, wang Zhiwen goes out to be labelled all the time up to now the procession of count as one of the best of the acting in Chinese actor does not pass, always be successful in drama of movie and TV, be full of predestined relationship of peach blossom, woman quite the Wang Zhiwen of beautiful, in actual life, however the person arrives middleaged have not marry.

Just when Wang Zhiwen settles low-keyly,in Shanghai area gold collects Min Hang in Hua Guangcheng, when living tranquil life, the good news that gave its to marry exposed to the sun yesterday however on the net, lord sign language is in yesterday civil administration bureau registration book, will hold wedding at was in Shanghai in April. "Actually I long to get married quite, the hope has a very harmonious family, as everybody. " this is Wang Zhiwen was in last year in April for teleplay " DA division " the real situation when making conduct propaganda is revealed, nowadays, he was accomplished eventually. For a short while, like a rising wind and scudding clouds. Just, to this can move Wang Zhiwen " fragrant heart " woman, everybody utterly ignorant, be full of curiosity.

   Bridal: The price since one desk 6000 yuan

Reporter yesterday call Wang Zhiwen for a short while, but he maintained as before will be used to changelessly for years -- do not pick up the telephone. The reporter contacted elder brother Wang Zhigang of Wang Zhiwen subsequently, he admitted this picket to the reporter in the phone the happy event of arise suddenly, lord sign language already registration book, and will at the beginning of April, the likelihood was on April 1 on road of Shanghai rainbow bridge hotel of class of a 5 stars holds wedding.

The reporter understands, the gold that Wang Zhiwen is located in gold of Min travel area to collect a road to go up in the home of Shanghai collects Hua Guangcheng, choose this building dish because Wang Zhiwen favores golf,be, and there is rainbow bridge inside this village golf field, neighbour ever had seen Wang Zhiwen's figure in field, just he still is in those days alone one person.
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