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The matter that must prepare before wedding
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Marry preparative item
1 both sides agrees
2 parents agree (meet discuss marry detail)
3 certificate
Wedding prepares a plan
Date of 1 decision wedding, place, ceremony reachs marriage banquet kind
2. makes bridal budget statement
3. drafts guest list (first draft)
4. calls together a good friend to discuss bridal plan
5. accompanies person selected of man, a matron of honour, floret child certainly
6. presides over a wedding ceremony certainly person, chief witness at a wedding ceremony
7. establishs wedding preparatory group (prepare group of division of labor clearly)
8 make bridal project specification
The preparation before wedding
Bridal chamber:
1 buy bridal chamber
2 decorate a company certainly
3 bridal chamber arrange effect plan
4 begin to undertake bridal chamber is decorated
5 buy new home to decorate things
6 buy home appliance, furniture
7 buy bedding
8 clean company cleans bridal chamber thoroughly and decorate bridal chamber please

Marriage banquet:
Number of 1 estimation guest
Amount of 2 estimation feast
Ground of banquet of 3 choices marriage is nodded
4 affirm feast menu, value
The 5 acoustics that affirm marriage dinner scene
Banquet of 6 as harmonious as the hotel marriage is decorated wait for detail

1 hair happy event sticks relatives and friends
2 phones inform an other place of relatives and friends
Release on 3 nets marry announcement
Relatives and friends of 4 seasonable feedback suffers seek information
5 affirm again to important relatives and friends

1 bridal things is ordered (happy event stick, content of word of red bag, happy event, colored ribbon, garland, gush)
2 buy wedding ring jewelry
3 buy bridal cosmetic
4 buy smoke, wine, drink
5 buy candy, earthnut, melon seeds, tea
6 buy video tape, film
7 book a flower
8 book cake
9 buy a fruit
10 buy parents and clothing of a matron of honour that accompany man, floret child

Marriage gauze:
1 choose building of marriage gauze shadow
2 pat marriage gauze to illuminate
3 make an appointment film date
4 take a picture
5 choose piece
6 strong imprint or spray paint
7 take marriage gauze look this
8 buy or rent marriage gauze ceremonial robe or dress
Musical of gauze of the 9 marriage that make

Figure of 1 bridegroom bride prepares
2 brides begin the skin to maintain
3 bridegroom haircut

The person of 1 all project implication with wedding is communicated
2 bridal preparatory plans and progress and parents are communicated
3 affirm again advocate, chief witness at a wedding ceremony

1 affirmatory and formal company and bridal compere
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