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Complaints from the public wedding in Jinan Xin Yuan Gu 5 months the company d
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June 1 this year, the public Guo Xin Yuan Valley wedding in Jinan Services Ltd. paid 500 yuan, please help the company her daughter matchmaking matchmaker. "But now almost 5 months, Matchmaker first blind date did not give my daughter Arrangements. "Xin Yuan Gu matchmaking, said that Miss Guo's daughter is not paid all costs, does not belong to their members. June 1 this year, Guo to hongjialou Valley near the edge of Jinan Xin Wedding Services Limited to the daughter for a blind date and pay 500 yuan fee. "However, Xin Yuan Valley Matchmaker has been no initiative to contact me. Almost 5 months now, the matchmaker has not arranged to meet a man with my daughter. "Guo refund of 500 yuan fee, but was refused. This afternoon, Jinan Xin Yuan Co. Office Valley wedding services, said Ms. Zhang, Guo's daughter was not their members. The dating of the lowest membership fee of 1,000 yuan, Guo paid only 500 yuan, She had promised the money filled within a week, and her full complement of information, but then had no news. "Nevertheless, we still as Miss Guo's daughter, has arranged for her to meet two male members. The two We all have blind registration data as evidence. " The very fact that the edge of Hope Valley, dating about Guo's daughter has been provided, such as blind date services, it will not be refunded Guo costs. "However, for the customer to consider, we are willing to continue to Guo's daughter services. "Ms. Zhang said.