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Huzhou: wedding ceremony the wind blowing magic
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CCTV Spring Festival Evening with the stage magician from Taiwan, Liu Qian was an instant sensation, his brilliant performances are also set off a magic folk. It is understood that "May Day" during the wedding ceremony in Lake City, the magic is a very popular show. Moreover, this powerful "magic air" and blew into Lake City, many recreational activities, product launches at the meeting. Lake City, manager of the company, a wedding ceremony, Mr. Wei said: "The wedding is now required to have their own magic show of new, more and more to increase the festive atmosphere of interactive wedding." A middle school in Lake City, an English teacher Miss Zhou told reporters in "May Day" mini vacation, she took part in the two weddings, there are magic shows, a magic show which impressed her. After the wedding, the groom kneel down in public marriage proposal magician out of a rose, with layers of petals was opened, which conjure up a diamond ring, very romantic. Changes in the wedding out of a wedding ring or a piece of cake, many couples have tried to "drastic change living" the. Mr. Wei said: "The new wedding magic show to close-up magic, magic-based hand-colored, mainly interact with the audience, active atmosphere. Now, a dazzling variety of new requirements of the people, in addition to requirements change wedding rings, change a gift, requirements also become the bride or the groom. "To this end, the company will be based on the requirements of the new people to surrounding cities to hire a magician, a magician who introduced the theme for the wedding magic. According to reports, the charges this theme magic show magic shows than the average 10 times more expensive, the price is about two to three thousand dollars, but there are still a lot of new people willing to try. Yesterday, the reporters came to Lake City, a wedding ceremony services company, just to see some new people are discussing the wedding details. When asked whether the arrangements in the wedding ceremony, when the magic show the link, which will make the bride Miss Hu said that such a consideration, because they are "80," that the wedding scene at the old routine step by step too romantic, to Magic marry a groom Caixing. Side of the new parents said in an interview, the child is willing to join in the wedding ceremony, part of Interactive Magic, it is hoped that the wedding can be fun. "If the kids like it, parents generally do not oppose," The wedding ceremony services company in charge, now require their own magic show at a wedding the couple more and more to increase the romantic atmosphere.